How Powerful is Music?

Music has always been an important part of my life since I can remember. The lyrics and beats of the music we listen to have a profound impact on our mind, heart and spirit. One of the most famous books of the Bible is called “The Songs of Solomon”. This book describes the romance that King Solomon had with the love of his life. What we read in this book was actually songs composed by King Solomon.

This book not only talks about romance but also of passion. This book was placed in the 66 books of the Bible because it is a comparison of how Christ Jesus loves his church.

King Solomon was a very busy man, but not too busy for music. In the bible we read in 1Kings 4:32 “His songs were a thousand and five”. We also find in the Bible that while King Solomon ruled his kingdom there was peace in the land. I ask myself, why was there peace in the land? Then I came to the answer. King Solomon understood the power of music.

I can remember as a kid being terrified of the movie Jaws. As soon as I heard the music of danger, I knew Jaws was about to appear so I would cover my eyes. The success of a movie depends of the quality of its music.

Consider what music does: music dictates the climate around you. Music gives you energy. Music brings you motivation. Music has the ability to take you away from the present world into another state of mind if only for a few moments. Music can bring healing to the body and to the soul. Music helps birth changes in our life. Music is the only thing that lives while everything around us is dying. Music brings restoration when we have been hurt. Music changes our outlook of life within seconds. Music brings us hope. Music can help bring you out of depression. Music is a weapon. Music is a tool. Music is a seed.

Finally, music is the door to a supernatural world where you can create any dream you could ever want. So next time you are browsing around the music store, select songs that inspire, motivate and give you confidence.

Orlando Campos has been a Minister for over 10 years. He has a Doctorial degree in Biblical Theology. Orlando is also a internet marketing consultant. To get a free copy of how to make money on the internet you can visit: