Digital Publishing Industry In 2010 Is Expected To Over 75 Billion Market – The Digital Publishing

21 held in Beijing “2010 China Mobile Read Industry Forum” on the prospects of the industry participants spoke highly of. Currently, the Ministry of Industry is developing industry standards, the State Press and Publication Administration will also support digital reading, the whole year is expected to “digital publishing industry” market is expected to more than 75 billion yuan.

Phone reading 7.33 +0.111.52% China Unicom subscribers will reach 200 million people
Day’s meeting, Serum IAP, senior analyst at Analysys International said China’s mobile phone to read the market in 2010 the number of users and the market will maintain a relatively high-speed growth. Chinese mobile phone market, the year is expected to read the number of active users will reach 200 million people, the market share will reach 600 million yuan.

Serum IAP believes that China’s mobile phone market there are four critical reading power, telecom operators, Internet mobile operators, terminal manufacturers, mobile terminal manufacturers market. In these four powers, the telecom operators on the tensile strength of the market is relatively strong.

At present, three domestic mobile phone operators have begun to read the business plan. March 2009, China Mobile announced that the next five years will invest 500 million yuan in Zhejiang Mobile to read base-building, custom TD readers, and in the content, the terminal and channel on the comprehensive development. Meanwhile, China Telecom mobile phone to read business-related technical and business specifications have been completed, beginning in the content integration; China Unicom will adopt

Cooperation Way, now more than 10 provincial companies have launched similar services.
State Press and Publication Administration Technology and Digital Publishing Division Director of Digital Publishing Wang Qiang is that the number of reading itself is easily transmissible, portability across sex, as a basis to carry out all the people reading. He expects this year’s digital publishing industry will be more than 75 billion yuan.

Related standards under development However, with the industry’s rapid warming has paid some of the problems surface. Chinese Institute of Publishing Science Research Center director of digital publishing Zhang said the development of the industry moving to read need to be addressed

Electronic Reader standard unification. He said, “there are concerns about compatibility issues. At present, whether PDF files, or TMF file, DOC file, the support rate increased significantly. However, these standards are international or universal file format commonly used in domestic enterprises have not formed a unified format standards. “

This, the Ministry of Industry and Technology, said Zhou Jian, Deputy Director, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division will further play the role of the industry authorities to actively promote “mobile reading industry-related standards” to develop, promote technological innovation, promote industry innovation system, and better regulate the industry development.

Promote the common development of the whole industry chain
Huawei Huang Ji, vice president of software company is expected that by 2020 the “digital publishing” industry

Sell Amount will account for about half of the entire publishing industry, by 2030, 90% of the book will be published

Network Version. Huang Ji is expected in the next five years, there should be more than 30% of mobile phone users through mobile phones and e-books to be read, published in 2020, the number of sales will account for about half of the entire publishing industry 2030, 90% of the book will be published in the web version. This trend of overseas markets, some of the most famous international operators in the mobile reading and publishing efforts in this direction, such as Singapore Telecom and others in transition in that direction, which is the industry trend.

Industry that the whole industrial chain of mobile reading four parts: the first is the traditional telecom operators to provide network support. Second, the Internet and media providers can provide a lot of reading content. The third is technical support, including companies such as Huawei, to stabilize the entire business development. Fourth, terminal manufacturers, to provide differentiated services to a variety of businesses, thereby creating an open and cooperative industry chain for mobile reading.

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