China’s Digital Publishing Industry In 2009 The Four Key Words – Digital Publishing – Printing

Recalling the end of the year 2009, about the past, China’s digital publishing industry to explore the basis for plot 20 years, the publication Management Digital and information into the pilot, has experienced in multimedia publishing, web database after the publication of two major stages, is now in all media, a new stage of digital publishing, digital publishing into the spring.

Data show that the 2009 figures published by China’s overall income is expected to more than 75 billion yuan, with roughly the same output value of China’s Book Publishing, and 53.0 billion in 2008 compared to 41.5% expected growth. With more than 20 in 2002 billion compared to 8 years, the number of web publishing in China Mainland, the cumulative production value increased by more than 35 times, it is traditional media unattainable speed. In 2009, digital publishing realized Yetai diversification Electronic Book publishing business had varying degrees in most of the launch. It is reported that 75% of the newspapers involved in the network reported that 55% of the newspapers have a cell phone reported that the number of mobile phones will exceed one thousand five hundred kinds of reports, the phone has gradually become one of the main reading terminal. Watch mobile phone TV , Internet, reading newspapers, reading has been very common.

Keyword Search: Industrial Policy 2009, the government and enterprises to strengthen this sector, the company’s overall deployment of digital publishing, development planning and strategic input will help the health of Digital Publishing, sustained and rapid development. Since publication of the characteristics of the media industry, government departments, China’s digital publishing industry has always been a dominant force in the development and main driving force. China has announced a “national economic and social development of the” Eleventh Five-Year “Plan”, “long-term Science and Technology Development Plan” and “national” Eleventh Five-Year “Plan period of cultural development” and in 2009 the State Council passed the “culture Industry Promotion Plan “, etc. will be the development of digital network publishing industry, as a culture, print media industry, the importance of upgrading national competitiveness strategies. In recent years, Press and Publication Administration adhere to both the management and development, aimed at development, implementation of a national digital composite publishing systems, digital copyright protection technology platform, the Chinese character, knowledge, resources, databases and other key national projects, organization and implementation of the Chinese Internet Games published works to the Department of City Cooperation Means the establishment of Shanghai Zhangjiang National Digital Publishing Base. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan and Hubei provinces, municipalities and cultural construction of key projects to establish network (the Fund) to support digital publishing, Hubei, Guangdong Province, the province set up a special issue of the number of web publishing development plan. All major print media enterprises attach great importance to development planning and strategic input. According to reports, China Publishing Group, Higher Education Press Group, Shanghai Century Publishing, Guangdong Publishing Group, Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, Jiangsu, Hunan publishing investment holding group, the Yangtze River in Hubei Publishing & Media Group, Liberation Daily Newspaper Group, Wenhui Xinmin Press Group, Guangzhou Daily Press Group, the South Press Media Group, Concert Series Group and other units have set up digital publishing or digital media division (company), and developed a corresponding digital publishing development plan.

Keyword Search: environment Digital publishing industry support environmental and human security is improving. Cultivation of reading in the network market, the total number of more than 350 million Chinese Internet users were Internet penetration rate of more than 20%. At present, mobile phone users reached 670 million, of which mobile phones reached 176 million Internet users. Way of reading the public is no longer confined to traditional paper media and optical storage media, emerging digital media, such as news sites, e-books, digital magazines, online music, online games, and use of mobile phones for the carrier newspapers, phone fiction, mobile music, reading methods and reading the new carrier is changing, turbulent. In industrial research and communication, scientific research institutions in the digital publishing theoretical support has played an increasingly important role. Media professionals in the digital publishing training, the university assumed the responsibility, personnel training system has taken shape, Peking University, Huazhong University of Science, Wuhan University, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Shanghai Polytechnic University and other institutions have opened more than 100 digital publishing related professional courses, some colleges and universities to establish a digital publishing and dissemination of relevant professional and direction of the network, the establishment of a digital publishing relevant research institutions.

In addition, the Chinese publishing industry groups, enterprise and market-orientation for digital publishing provides a new impetus to the development of improved operational capability and efficiency of the funds needed to protect the industry. Publishing Group resources to achieve centralized, intensive management, digital publishing has provided favorable conditions for development. Some publishing companies listed, raising a lot of money on the one hand, the size of the digital publishing business to provide adequate protection of operations, reduce capital risks associated strand breaks; the other hand, publishing companies as a public company listed on the catalytic digital publishing on the development of new business momentum.

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