Awards From The Global Semiconductor Industry To See Innovation And The Market

2009 11 4, Beijing, China? End of the year approaching, the world’s major Semiconductor Industry Alliance annual meeting and awards ceremony in turn strong debut. In that this crisis, those who drive the industry to overcome the crisis, the first recovery industry leaders will be worthy of our attention, and these winners and the award-winning feat in crisis, will give us the Chinese semiconductor industry is relatively young with to many inspirations.

And in previous years, this year’s noteworthy events and awards a global semiconductor Alliance (GSA) annual awards dinner, and the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) annual forecast and award dinner. The former are awarded each year out, “Dr. Zhang Zhongmou exemplary Leadership Award (Dr.Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award)” Personal Award and most respected private companies, public companies and so many corporate awards. The latter is awarded each year out of SIA “2009 Annual RobertN. Noyce Award.”

According to GSA news release, Synopsys (Synopsys), Chairman and CEO Dr. Aart deGeus awarded the “2009 Leadership Award Dr. Zhang Zhongmou model.” The award will be December 10, 2009 in Santa Clara, California (SantaClara) by a dinner at the Global Semiconductor Alliance presented.

“Dr. Zhang Zhongmou Model Leader Award” by the GSA was established in 1999, the prize first awarded in Taiwan IC Manufacturing Company (TSMC) chairman and CEO Dr. Zhang Zhongmou and hence the name, but today, “Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award” to recognize the individual’s global leadership and to promote the transformation and upgrading the overall semiconductor industry contributions.

This time the award is given to Aart, to recognize his extraordinary technical leadership in business and industry, sure that he is committed to promoting the integration of EDA tools in order to bring forward such contributions to the overall industry. Since 1986, since co-founded Synopsys, Aart led Synopsys from a specialized in integrated circuit design (synthesis) of new companies, grow Electronic Design automation (EDA) of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Won many awards Aart industry and academia is not only a logical simulation (logicsimulation) and logic synthesis (logicsynthesis) and other experts, but also has introduced a series of new business models and business strategy to the company In the global economic crisis sweeping the contrary, access to development, launched a new design process and become the first major EDA vendors. GSA

and other enterprises awards include: the most respected private semiconductor company award, most respected public semiconductor company award (divided into 10 billion U.S. dollars level, 500 million U.S. dollars-and three semiconductor companies in emerging public award), Best Financial Management Award, Best Financial Performance Award, the most noteworthy new companies and most analysts welcomed the award of companies and so on. Many awards have been presented to some of the industry’s leading companies, no longer much suspense.

Concern is the GSA this year, an increase of Asia-Pacific and Europe, Middle East, two regions awards Huawei Hisilicon, MediaTek, and creative e-three companies will compete for the Asia Pacific Leadership Award. Hass is able to win, need to wait some time to decrypt.

“We are in the Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park Administrative Committee’s leadership, has been engaged in multi-level international exchanges Cooperation System of research, of which China’s leading industrial enterprises and international interactive technology alliance is to establish an important way of such a system; “IMC Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Beijing Huaxing chief analyst Liu Zhaohui said.” International counterparts in the market competition and the development of their cooperation in the industry, will be adopted by Chinese enterprises into the world’s best practice and establishing a global way of thinking of the inevitable. “

Will be held Nov. 5 at the SIA annual forecast and two awards show Aspect. First, a summary of this year and the market outlook for 2010, released two days ago that the global semiconductor industry association for the third quarter Sell Data, the global semiconductor industry, the quarter’s total sales revenue reached 61.9 billion U.S. dollars, up 19.7% of chain, but still fell over the same period last year, 10.1%. In September this year, sales reached 20.1 billion U.S. dollars, the chain increased by 8.2%.

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