Love Songs For Wedding

Love is an irresistible feeling and an incredible experience too. A person in love is lost in his own world and his joy knows no bounds.

In such an ecstatic state of mind, it is only but natural for him to compose songs, praising love and giving vent to his jubilation.

From time immemorial, human life is associated with music and song. There is a song for every occasion, whether it is happy or otherwise.

A love song clearly reflects the author’s feelings, especially when it is accompanied by the appropriate melodious music. Factors like melody, smoothness, and pleasant composition are indispensable in a love song. A love song is sweet to hear and soothes the listener’s soul.

Love songs vary according to the culture and social environment in which they are composed. Some songs are good when accompanied by light music. Nevertheless, there are some love songs that are sung as pop or rock music.

Some love songs are melodious, while others are beautifully written in a flowery language. Listening to a love song calmly can stir anyone’s soul and rejuvenate him. Never mind the failures and unfulfilled dreams in love; there is a love song to soothe you and refresh your spirits.

A passage from Jessica Simpson’s love song, titled “Angels”:

And through it all he

offers me protection

a lot of love and affection

Whether I’m right or wrong

and down the waterfall

Wherever it may take me

I know that life won’t break me

When I come to call

he won’t forsake me

I’m loving angels instead

Andy Gibb writes in “An Everlasting love”:

Take me out of the cold, give me what I’ve hungered for

If it’s the pleasure of taking

My heart that you need, then it only makes me

love you more

I was yours before

The stars were born and you were mine

I could have saved you all the pain you knew

And I won’t make you cry

And maybe an everlasting love can try

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